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Unprecedented Screenings looks at the role of the television during the first Living Room War. Nightly televised screenings of the conflict in Vietnam screened into the living rooms of millions of Americans led to deep divisions in how people viewed the war. Television reduced the space between the battlefield and the viewer, when the media showed the intensity and the chaos of the war, it helped turn people against it. Unprecedented Screenings is split into two geographical standing points which explores how the viewing and documentation of the Vietnam War changed the opinions of both the American public at home and the correspondents in Vietnam. Both perspectives in this book are read differently to emphasis the geographical standing points and are also divided by a section which acts as the television. This section corresponds to an actual television in the exhibition which continuously plays footage of the key turning points of the war, highlighting the true intensity and uncensored nature of the conflict aired to millions of Americans every night.
Unprecedented Screenings — Book & Installation, 2018
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